Saturday, February 14, 2009

Long time

I haven't felt like posting in so long. My blood sugar has been over the edge and my blood pressure. Going back to the Dr soon. They got me on new meds. Enough of the excuses; on to the news of my life. I had a great lunch with Kevin and Steve for Kevin's birthday. He chose a great Mexican Restaurant in Albuquerque . It was great visiting with him. He works hard long hours so I don't see him much. We are still working on the paperwork and things for Gary's Dad. I am going to donate his clothes but its hard to pack his stuff up...but I am ready now. Steve will be moving there as caretaker in April unless he finds a good job in Albq. before then. Work is hard to get everywhere. Gary got me a camera for Valentines Day!! I will be delivered Monday. Its an SLR digital, Yahoo!! He also got me a dozen roses and is cooking a steak and lobster tail dinner as I write. Mmmm. Life has really changed for me to the good! We are taking a 4 day trip to Colorado(Durango) and taking the snow train in the Rocky Mtns. Its a special photo trip.They will stop alot.Also supposed to get a total spa treatment(massage and all) WOW.. cant wait! I thank God daily for my blessings.

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