Monday, March 30, 2009

Deer at Bandilier Park NM

This deer just stood and posed for me at the park entrance. It was a wonderful place to see. It's been too cold and windy here to do much of anything outdoors. I did get to talk to Donna and Tawnya this weekend, which was a great treat. The wind has blown over the iris and the cold confused the trees and plants that had budded out. Thank goodness Gary is not going to need surgery after all.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I belong to a Christian crochet group online and all over the crochet world, Prayer Shawls are the thing to make. They are offered to comfort and bless the person receiving them. There are different types of prayer shawls and right now I have been working on the Myrna series. They have been prayed over and ask to bless the person who wears one. I have some caplets and shawls of all sizes and colors. But I didnt have the one Donna wanted :o{ so that is why her present will be late this birthday. I will take request if anyone is interested... family and friends are free. Hugs

Time seems to fly sometimes

Gary hasnt been working lately. He went to a specialist today and they discovered at torn rotor cup in his shoulder. So he will be having that operated on before too long. We spent the day in Albuquerque so he could see the doctor, get exrays, and he even had a MIR. The traffic was horrid. They have some very crazy drivers here. We did stop and eat at "Fudruckers"; they do have good hamburgers there. We are wore out this evening. I hear they got a Sonic now in Michigan. Try the, "cherry lime aide", great drink. Other than that I have mostly been working on Donna's birthday gift. I did say it would be late, but I wanted to include it in the box.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keeping Busy- Hair Cut

I have been to Elephant Butte for the last couple days. I have been packing up my father-in-law's clothes, etc. ; trying to get it ready for Steve to move in. He will be caretaker there. The trailer has a view of the lake and lake privileges. He is moving in April, so I am really busy going through all the years of "stuff". We dont have internet there, yet. I have several of those shawls made as well as some caplet type shawls of all colors and types of yarn. I was going to surprise you when I come back to Michigan. I hope Kevin can come with me. Oh, this was my hair. I just got it cut about a week ago. I donated 14" to Locks of Love. They make wigs for cancer and other type patients. That was 3 yrs growth. I had an immediate relief when she cut that 14" ponytail off. Man, it will be so cool for summer.. But I will grow more and cut it again. I found out that other beauticians were lying when they said they couldnt use my hair. Just didnt want to take the time to send it in, so this one said.. I unpacked the truck and am tired so good night for now.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting back to routine

Last weekend Gary and I went to Jemez Springs in Northern NM. It was wonderful. Got to see more real snow so it was a bit chilly but still sunny and so peaceful. We stayed at a Bed and breakfast called, "Canon Del Rio". It was all done southwestern style with huge day room. The food was so healthy and tasted great! They were very friendly to us. We went to the bath house for a mineral springs soak and then a body wrap and finally an hour of MASSAGE!! Oh man, it was sooo wonderful. In Feb we went to Durango Co for a photographer only, train ride: he bought me a great camera to use on the steam train ride in the mountains; then he got me a ultimate body wrap, facial, and massage; as part of my valentine gift and I am hooked! So this trip he decided he would try one since I bragged about my mineral soak and massage being so wonderful. He loved it too. That valley is about an hour north of Albuquerque and so peaceful with a river and wonderful rock formations. Final note, since we have been reading labels more and I am leaving out any partially or hydrogenated oils, my hunger has become more normal again. After I read about that making your hunger rise, I had to test it. Its true, I have lost one size in the hips since leaving it off my menu.. it cuts out most health food bars, etc..but that I can live with.