Monday, October 5, 2009


I was just watching Loretta Lynn on TV and it reminded me of the trip we took with Mom. Kevin was graduating from his class in Memphis, Tnn and I wanted to see him so bad. I missed most of the wonderful awards, metals, and graduation ceremonies Kevin had been receiving since he joined the Navy. We all missed him so much; it was like a light in my life shining way off in the distance. It was a much further drive than I realized but Mom had the new van and I knew she would love Tnn so much. Loretta Lynn was one of Mom's very favorite singer, song writter, etc. Loretta had a muesum/coffee shop/gift shop in Memphis so I had to take Mom there. I kept saying maybe we'd see Loretta in there and it was such fun watching her looking and hoping to see Loretta. Of course I kept encouraging that idea. The stay at Kevin's base was great. We had a studio apartment..well, like a suite. The room had 2 seperate bedrooms with a great view. We got to drive around and shop with Kevin. He bought me a sailor teddy bear, which I returned to him now...I miss it. But I wanted him to get it if something happened to me suddenly. Anyway, at the graduation ceremony everyone was in dress whites with the flags everywhere. Metals hanging off the guys on the stage.(I dont know what all the metals meant. I know general stars and purple hearts..anyway..Mom was in love with that major or whatever he was. She always did love a man in uniform. She was always atwitter at parades and stuff. She passed that on to me. When a marching band goes by my whole being goes crazy with pleasure.. I cant describe it..but back to Mom. I thought she was going to faint when that main man talked to Kevin and then walked over and shook our hands and made polite talk. I thanked God again for allowing us to make that trip and letting Mom do something so good for her. We stopped in the parking lot of the Grand Ole Opera and it was so huge and so much walking that we decided it wasnt worth the time. Same with the Elvis Presley mansion. The parking was like $7 per person back then!! just to park in the lot outside the gate. I had everyone vote.. decided eating out was better. I did make everyone stop and listen a few minutes on Beal St. That was always a dream of mine. To visit there and listen to the music. I did get to do that even if it was just parked on the street. Someone was playing the guitar and singing in the park there. It was a great trip and a wonderful memory.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My vacation

I am coming to Michigan!!! I can't wait. I love the west but I miss Michigan. I leave Aug 8th and return Aug 29th. I am going to try and see as many people as I can during that time. The family reunion is Aug 15th at the Dryden General Squire Park. Might be the last time I ever make it back so I am going to enjoy. It was 1998 when I moved from Michigan. I began to think I'd never see the Great Lakes again.
I will be taking the train across country. Hope to see you all!!

time does fly by

So much has been going on that I have neglected my blog site. These are the surprise kitties that came to our garage. The mother is the black/white one on the bottom photo near the food. They are all wild stray cats from a neighbor. She was the cat lady. She had a stroke and died and her cats were roaming the neighborhood starving. I began buying food for them. There are a few others who come at night to eat. Now I am the, "Cat Lady", guess there are worse things to be called. ;) Kevin and his family came for the 4th of July. It was the first time they had seen our house. We went up on the ridge behind our house and watched fireworks as well as Kevin shot off some. Steve was here too, so that made the day complete.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Springtime in the Rockies

this and that

I love the Rocky Mountanins!!
Life has been moving very fast for me lately. We have been taking a major trip/mini-vacation every month for the past few weeks. It has been great fun but I feel wore out. I am trying to prepare for the familly reunion in Michigan. It is August 15th and I may be the last time I see most of my relatives. I am not surprized that most of the family dont want to see me again..but it still hurts. Thank God I have 2 boys that love me and a good man to be by my side.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The latest

Been so busy and now need to let Gary use the computer. So will write another blog later. Jack had a swimming party for his 11th birthday...looks like fun

Saturday, April 4, 2009

news update

Not much happening but last time I wrote a long post I pushed ,"publish," and it all disappeared. Gary says its the browser needing an update and he don't want to do one. Sooo, I will make this short for now. I found out the family reunion in Mich. is now in August. Aunt Phylis's will let me know when. When we come back to visit, I am thinking of asking Sherry to reserve the clubhouse for a Saturday party there. Kevin said he might be able to come in August and bring a child or 2. We can invite everyone in the family and whoever else we want to see in Mich. Kevin and Steve both love the idea. We would fly in together but each return home on different flights. I want to stay longer than either of them can. Linda has invited us to stay at her home. I cant wait to see everyone again.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Deer at Bandilier Park NM

This deer just stood and posed for me at the park entrance. It was a wonderful place to see. It's been too cold and windy here to do much of anything outdoors. I did get to talk to Donna and Tawnya this weekend, which was a great treat. The wind has blown over the iris and the cold confused the trees and plants that had budded out. Thank goodness Gary is not going to need surgery after all.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I belong to a Christian crochet group online and all over the crochet world, Prayer Shawls are the thing to make. They are offered to comfort and bless the person receiving them. There are different types of prayer shawls and right now I have been working on the Myrna series. They have been prayed over and ask to bless the person who wears one. I have some caplets and shawls of all sizes and colors. But I didnt have the one Donna wanted :o{ so that is why her present will be late this birthday. I will take request if anyone is interested... family and friends are free. Hugs

Time seems to fly sometimes

Gary hasnt been working lately. He went to a specialist today and they discovered at torn rotor cup in his shoulder. So he will be having that operated on before too long. We spent the day in Albuquerque so he could see the doctor, get exrays, and he even had a MIR. The traffic was horrid. They have some very crazy drivers here. We did stop and eat at "Fudruckers"; they do have good hamburgers there. We are wore out this evening. I hear they got a Sonic now in Michigan. Try the, "cherry lime aide", great drink. Other than that I have mostly been working on Donna's birthday gift. I did say it would be late, but I wanted to include it in the box.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keeping Busy- Hair Cut

I have been to Elephant Butte for the last couple days. I have been packing up my father-in-law's clothes, etc. ; trying to get it ready for Steve to move in. He will be caretaker there. The trailer has a view of the lake and lake privileges. He is moving in April, so I am really busy going through all the years of "stuff". We dont have internet there, yet. I have several of those shawls made as well as some caplet type shawls of all colors and types of yarn. I was going to surprise you when I come back to Michigan. I hope Kevin can come with me. Oh, this was my hair. I just got it cut about a week ago. I donated 14" to Locks of Love. They make wigs for cancer and other type patients. That was 3 yrs growth. I had an immediate relief when she cut that 14" ponytail off. Man, it will be so cool for summer.. But I will grow more and cut it again. I found out that other beauticians were lying when they said they couldnt use my hair. Just didnt want to take the time to send it in, so this one said.. I unpacked the truck and am tired so good night for now.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting back to routine

Last weekend Gary and I went to Jemez Springs in Northern NM. It was wonderful. Got to see more real snow so it was a bit chilly but still sunny and so peaceful. We stayed at a Bed and breakfast called, "Canon Del Rio". It was all done southwestern style with huge day room. The food was so healthy and tasted great! They were very friendly to us. We went to the bath house for a mineral springs soak and then a body wrap and finally an hour of MASSAGE!! Oh man, it was sooo wonderful. In Feb we went to Durango Co for a photographer only, train ride: he bought me a great camera to use on the steam train ride in the mountains; then he got me a ultimate body wrap, facial, and massage; as part of my valentine gift and I am hooked! So this trip he decided he would try one since I bragged about my mineral soak and massage being so wonderful. He loved it too. That valley is about an hour north of Albuquerque and so peaceful with a river and wonderful rock formations. Final note, since we have been reading labels more and I am leaving out any partially or hydrogenated oils, my hunger has become more normal again. After I read about that making your hunger rise, I had to test it. Its true, I have lost one size in the hips since leaving it off my menu.. it cuts out most health food bars, etc..but that I can live with.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Explaining photo

I meant to explain what I am doing in this blog photo. I am showing the jewelry that Gary got me for my birthday. He got me 2 rings, bracelet,necklace of a rare NM mineral. Then we went to the aquarium with Kevin and his family and Steve. Then we went to lunch at a great Mexican Restaurant in Old Town of Albuquerque. It's an area of shops, art, and lots of events; in the oldest part of the city some from about 1600's, I think. It was a great wonderful day. I made it to 62!! Yahoo!! Now I am aiming for 72, lol.

Long time

I haven't felt like posting in so long. My blood sugar has been over the edge and my blood pressure. Going back to the Dr soon. They got me on new meds. Enough of the excuses; on to the news of my life. I had a great lunch with Kevin and Steve for Kevin's birthday. He chose a great Mexican Restaurant in Albuquerque . It was great visiting with him. He works hard long hours so I don't see him much. We are still working on the paperwork and things for Gary's Dad. I am going to donate his clothes but its hard to pack his stuff up...but I am ready now. Steve will be moving there as caretaker in April unless he finds a good job in Albq. before then. Work is hard to get everywhere. Gary got me a camera for Valentines Day!! I will be delivered Monday. Its an SLR digital, Yahoo!! He also got me a dozen roses and is cooking a steak and lobster tail dinner as I write. Mmmm. Life has really changed for me to the good! We are taking a 4 day trip to Colorado(Durango) and taking the snow train in the Rocky Mtns. Its a special photo trip.They will stop alot.Also supposed to get a total spa treatment(massage and all) WOW.. cant wait! I thank God daily for my blessings.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Its a beautiful sunny day here but very windy and chilly. I had to wear a jacket when I went to lunch with Gary. Tommorrow I am going to Albuqueque to have a birthday lunch with Kevin. Steve and I will meet him somewhere up there.. I will find out where tonight. I am also going to get some Diabetic shoes. I had to get a prescription and they will be made for my feet. I wish they had them when Dad was alive, he could have really enjoyed them. I was weighed at the Dr. yesterday. I didnt lose but I didnt gain and that is a victory for me at this point. I sure enjoy reading everyone's blogs. Thanks for being out there. I still havent met any lady friends here.
I just finished another crocheted shawl. I have a pattern that isn't a "V" back and it makes the shawl a warm lap cover. I am going to bring some to Mi. when I visit, if anyone wants one.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day of Rest

I am very tired today. Yesterday I went shopping in Albuquerque. Not only is it a long tiring drive on the freeway(78 miles one way), the traffic is horrid. I dont think they have drivers training here. I wanted to get some shoes and other things. By the time I fight the traffic to get everywhere in the city, I dont get to many stores. I stopped and picked up Steve from his apartment to go for lunch. He lives just off the freeway in an apartment there. Its not a real bad place. It is so dangerous in the city I worry about him and Kevin and his family alot. I cant believe how small the stores are for the city. I went to Lane Bryant in the Cottonwood Mall and the store had very few selections. Even larger grocery stores here dont carry a lot of variety in name brands, etc. I went to Popeye's Chicken to bring home some chicken, redbeans and rice, and a bisquit for Gary as he requested and I RESISTED the Louisanna Mud Pie they were offering me. I would have said yes, but STEVE looked me in the eye and said, "Tell them NO". I thanked him later. I would have cheated. I have to eat healthy, not calling it a diet. My mind dont like that word. But if I say, " JUST FOR TODAY, I AM NOT GOING TO EAT ANYTHING I SHOULDN'T", I can cope with it. I do want to live longer too. I want to try the Wii thing... oh, go to Lane Bryant for the free magazine they are giving away..its so cool, plus it has some very good coupons for their store, Catherines, etc. That is where I read about the Wii game thing for weight loss, exercise. You create a image to work with you and it helps figure BMI, etc.. do you have that Donna? I want it. Plus I want a new SLR digital camera too, like Tawnya's picture. I still can't answer anyone but Tammy's blog. I guess Linux wont work with the blog thing you guys picked out. I can comment on Tammy's cause she is using Gmail comment system. Near as I can figure out from the "help" section. The blog answering system you guys use is only window compatible, but Linux isnt window compatible, at least not this version of it. Steve is going to help me set up my own computer, in my craft/office soon, I hope. I am praying for us all. You are such an inspiration to me, all of you. Thanks.
PS... I didnt get the shoes.. but I am getting a prescription for some custom made dietbetic shoes. Wish they has such a thing when Dad was alive.

Fighting For My Life~ In My Weight Loss Battle~: Sat

Fighting For My Life~ In My Weight Loss Battle~: Sat

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I got so insired when I read this

"Zero hour" is that crucial moment when there is no turning back, and it confronts you to the very core of your self-respect. You have become so sick of your habits and your pattern of living that you realize you can no longer live your life in that way. It's what alcoholics call "hitting rock bottom," or what others call "reaching the end of my rope." It's when you make your mind up that it's not too late, that you deserve more, and that you will deny yourself no longer. It's when you wipe the slate clean and are ready to start over. It's when you decide to reclaim your health and your life. This means that being overweight has taken on a special standing and urgency, lifting high above your other concerns in life. You have boldly said to yourself: "That's enough. I don't care how much it hurts to change. I don't care what I have to give up. I won't take this another second, another minute, another day of my life. I am ready." You know that your dignity and indeed your very being can take only so much, and when you reach this point, you are ready to start living strategically. You want more so you are ready to do more, and are already taking action to get it. Your old way of living is thrown off like a dirty shirt. Change will happen because you make it happen. It will happen because you know what you want and will move toward it in a committed, focused manner.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Adventures

Finally took the leap to create a "blog". I don't have time right now to do much with it, but I get tired of not being able to comment on others blogs. They said I needed to create a blog to comment on others blogs? I don't for Tammy's blog at I think this is the same blog place. Anyway, I am now I have to run out and get some clothes off the line before the sun sets all the way. It gets colder once the sun goes down here. It was another beautiful sunny day here. I do love it and watching the wild cats snozing peacefully under the rose bushes here. I feed about 5 strays. They chased my birds away and climb up on the birdbath for drinks of water. But I couldnt see letting them starve. The real "cat lady" is now in a medical home and the cats all came here for help. What could I do!! Some of them were starving to death. So now I am the ... gulp..."cat lady". Even my hair is sorta like that cat lady on the Simpsons show. wow...