Saturday, April 4, 2009

news update

Not much happening but last time I wrote a long post I pushed ,"publish," and it all disappeared. Gary says its the browser needing an update and he don't want to do one. Sooo, I will make this short for now. I found out the family reunion in Mich. is now in August. Aunt Phylis's will let me know when. When we come back to visit, I am thinking of asking Sherry to reserve the clubhouse for a Saturday party there. Kevin said he might be able to come in August and bring a child or 2. We can invite everyone in the family and whoever else we want to see in Mich. Kevin and Steve both love the idea. We would fly in together but each return home on different flights. I want to stay longer than either of them can. Linda has invited us to stay at her home. I cant wait to see everyone again.

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