Monday, October 5, 2009


I was just watching Loretta Lynn on TV and it reminded me of the trip we took with Mom. Kevin was graduating from his class in Memphis, Tnn and I wanted to see him so bad. I missed most of the wonderful awards, metals, and graduation ceremonies Kevin had been receiving since he joined the Navy. We all missed him so much; it was like a light in my life shining way off in the distance. It was a much further drive than I realized but Mom had the new van and I knew she would love Tnn so much. Loretta Lynn was one of Mom's very favorite singer, song writter, etc. Loretta had a muesum/coffee shop/gift shop in Memphis so I had to take Mom there. I kept saying maybe we'd see Loretta in there and it was such fun watching her looking and hoping to see Loretta. Of course I kept encouraging that idea. The stay at Kevin's base was great. We had a studio apartment..well, like a suite. The room had 2 seperate bedrooms with a great view. We got to drive around and shop with Kevin. He bought me a sailor teddy bear, which I returned to him now...I miss it. But I wanted him to get it if something happened to me suddenly. Anyway, at the graduation ceremony everyone was in dress whites with the flags everywhere. Metals hanging off the guys on the stage.(I dont know what all the metals meant. I know general stars and purple hearts..anyway..Mom was in love with that major or whatever he was. She always did love a man in uniform. She was always atwitter at parades and stuff. She passed that on to me. When a marching band goes by my whole being goes crazy with pleasure.. I cant describe it..but back to Mom. I thought she was going to faint when that main man talked to Kevin and then walked over and shook our hands and made polite talk. I thanked God again for allowing us to make that trip and letting Mom do something so good for her. We stopped in the parking lot of the Grand Ole Opera and it was so huge and so much walking that we decided it wasnt worth the time. Same with the Elvis Presley mansion. The parking was like $7 per person back then!! just to park in the lot outside the gate. I had everyone vote.. decided eating out was better. I did make everyone stop and listen a few minutes on Beal St. That was always a dream of mine. To visit there and listen to the music. I did get to do that even if it was just parked on the street. Someone was playing the guitar and singing in the park there. It was a great trip and a wonderful memory.

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  1. Hi Myrna, for some reason I could not come to your pg. from my blog, I had a old sent one to sherry so she could see your Blog. I am glad I got to see u, finding out I miss our time we shared together..Have u drank out of your Tea for one yet?? I did buy some of that face stuff from Avon going to try it today! Love u, and miss you,Donna Marie