Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day of Rest

I am very tired today. Yesterday I went shopping in Albuquerque. Not only is it a long tiring drive on the freeway(78 miles one way), the traffic is horrid. I dont think they have drivers training here. I wanted to get some shoes and other things. By the time I fight the traffic to get everywhere in the city, I dont get to many stores. I stopped and picked up Steve from his apartment to go for lunch. He lives just off the freeway in an apartment there. Its not a real bad place. It is so dangerous in the city I worry about him and Kevin and his family alot. I cant believe how small the stores are for the city. I went to Lane Bryant in the Cottonwood Mall and the store had very few selections. Even larger grocery stores here dont carry a lot of variety in name brands, etc. I went to Popeye's Chicken to bring home some chicken, redbeans and rice, and a bisquit for Gary as he requested and I RESISTED the Louisanna Mud Pie they were offering me. I would have said yes, but STEVE looked me in the eye and said, "Tell them NO". I thanked him later. I would have cheated. I have to eat healthy, not calling it a diet. My mind dont like that word. But if I say, " JUST FOR TODAY, I AM NOT GOING TO EAT ANYTHING I SHOULDN'T", I can cope with it. I do want to live longer too. I want to try the Wii thing... oh, go to Lane Bryant for the free magazine they are giving away..its so cool, plus it has some very good coupons for their store, Catherines, etc. That is where I read about the Wii game thing for weight loss, exercise. You create a image to work with you and it helps figure BMI, etc.. do you have that Donna? I want it. Plus I want a new SLR digital camera too, like Tawnya's picture. I still can't answer anyone but Tammy's blog. I guess Linux wont work with the blog thing you guys picked out. I can comment on Tammy's cause she is using Gmail comment system. Near as I can figure out from the "help" section. The blog answering system you guys use is only window compatible, but Linux isnt window compatible, at least not this version of it. Steve is going to help me set up my own computer, in my craft/office soon, I hope. I am praying for us all. You are such an inspiration to me, all of you. Thanks.
PS... I didnt get the shoes.. but I am getting a prescription for some custom made dietbetic shoes. Wish they has such a thing when Dad was alive.

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  1. Hi Myrna, u can comment on my other blog for some reason, i cannot get the weight loss one to do what it is suppose too. We sign papers Fri.for the house. moving in Feb 14 love ya, Donna