Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Adventures

Finally took the leap to create a "blog". I don't have time right now to do much with it, but I get tired of not being able to comment on others blogs. They said I needed to create a blog to comment on others blogs? I don't for Tammy's blog at www.staleyphotography.com I think this is the same blog place. Anyway, I am now official..lol. I have to run out and get some clothes off the line before the sun sets all the way. It gets colder once the sun goes down here. It was another beautiful sunny day here. I do love it and watching the wild cats snozing peacefully under the rose bushes here. I feed about 5 strays. They chased my birds away and climb up on the birdbath for drinks of water. But I couldnt see letting them starve. The real "cat lady" is now in a medical home and the cats all came here for help. What could I do!! Some of them were starving to death. So now I am the ... gulp..."cat lady". Even my hair is sorta like that cat lady on the Simpsons show. wow...

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  1. Hi Myrna
    I am sorry u are having so much trouble trying to comment. I think all u do at the end of article is click on comment and a box commes up that says Post a comment. I am in google it says Shabbyrose (Google). and then click Post a Comment.