Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I got so insired when I read this

"Zero hour" is that crucial moment when there is no turning back, and it confronts you to the very core of your self-respect. You have become so sick of your habits and your pattern of living that you realize you can no longer live your life in that way. It's what alcoholics call "hitting rock bottom," or what others call "reaching the end of my rope." It's when you make your mind up that it's not too late, that you deserve more, and that you will deny yourself no longer. It's when you wipe the slate clean and are ready to start over. It's when you decide to reclaim your health and your life. This means that being overweight has taken on a special standing and urgency, lifting high above your other concerns in life. You have boldly said to yourself: "That's enough. I don't care how much it hurts to change. I don't care what I have to give up. I won't take this another second, another minute, another day of my life. I am ready." You know that your dignity and indeed your very being can take only so much, and when you reach this point, you are ready to start living strategically. You want more so you are ready to do more, and are already taking action to get it. Your old way of living is thrown off like a dirty shirt. Change will happen because you make it happen. It will happen because you know what you want and will move toward it in a committed, focused manner.


  1. Hey Myrna, remember me? Rons sister! I really liked that article. Very good, Its something to read very often. Hope your doing well! Debi

  2. Hi Myrna; yes that article was good, I think I have the book your talking about;He is one of my mentors and so his wife Robin~ and Dr. oz he knows his stuff, I don't know if u know who he is or not.. Have a good day, Love ya, Donna